The St. Marys & Area Memorial Forest is a partnership between the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, St. Marys Ministerial Association and local funeral homes. The Memorial Forest program provides a lasting tribute to loved ones and helps to improve the environment.

The Memorial Forest is located on an agricultural property below Wildwood Dam on the north side of Line 13 off of Perth County Line 9.  The type of tree selected for the site is the White Spruce, with a starting height of 18 to 24 inches. Memorial trees will be planted each spring.

A dedication service at Wildwood Conservation Area will be held each August or September. Everyone who purchased a tree that was planted during the spring of that year will be invited to attend. Invitations for the dedication service will be mailed out at the end of July.

Trees may be purchased through your funeral home of choice or by contacting the program administrators,  Andrew Hodges  Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home, St Marys or  Pastor Richard Hryniw. The cost for a tree is $50, payable to "Memorial Forest."

Aerial Map to Wildwood Memorial Forest